Jip and Lems Excellent Adventure

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Riddleport Game
Family Reunion

Lem arrives in Riddleport from sea, to his cousin Jip waiting at the towns seaport. Jip being raised on the streets is a loud and boastful halfling who is quick to tell his newly arrived cousin how Riddleport is basically “his town”. Lem who was raised by gnomes in the countryside, leading to his good natured personality, is wary of his cousins line of B.S. but his curiousity in “The Blot” have him intrigued about what he will find in Riddleport nonetheless.

Both are aware of a gambling tournament that very evening, and Jip decides to show Lem about town while they wait for tournament time.

An Uneventful day leads them to the Golden Goblin that evening where ludity and debauchery are prevolent. They both pay their fee to the tournament and get started on the gambling. Not too long into the tournament, Jip catches out of the corner of his eye a man in the corner motioning to a group across the room as he is casting a spell. Before anything can be done, the mage casts a spell which blinds the entire room (for the most part). Lem was able to cover his eyes just in time, leaving him to see what would happen next. The group that was working with the mage proceeds to take on the guards while the mage uses a wand to shrink the tournament purse, a cool 5000GP and throw it in his pocket. As they leave, while everyone in the casino is coming back to their senses, the mage releases “Scratch”, a demon like being that was in a cage and appeares to be a pet of the Casinos owner Sol, and locks the casinos doors on his way out. Lem is able to drag Jip to safety down the hallway where there rooms are located.

Our two Halfling heroes, not yet sure of their plan, take the window exit out of their room. They are miraculously able to find tracks from the escaping group leading back down from the casino to Riddleports Seaport. They now see the group, (the Mage, his female companion, and 3 men that appear to be hired thugs. The Mage and his female friend are trying to untie their boat while the thugs stand guard when Jip and Lem arrive.

The thugs try and send the two on their way, but it is quickly aware to Jip and Lem that the mage and the female have no plans of taking the three thugs along on their sea journey. In a fast unthought out moment, Jip yells to the Mage “Take us with, we can help.” For some reason only the Gods and a critical diplomacy roll can explain, the Mage see’s fit to take the two Halflings along. The thugs now seemingly aware that they are no longer part of this getaway plan draw iron on the two Halflings. Lem starts plugging the thugs with bolts from his crossbow, while Jip wades in with his shortsword. The two take down one thug on their way down the dock. They make it on the boat, and manage to drop the other two thugs between the boat and the dock. They get the ship shoved off, and just as quickly as they arrived in Riddleport, they were gone.

Now out to sea on a small ship with an evil mage and his companion, both parties quickly come to the conclusion that the two halflings coming on board was a bad idea. The halflings neither of whom want to be out of Riddleport start devising a plan that will get them back and in good standing with the owner of the Golden Goblin, who is a small time mobster. Although Jip is not above thievery of any form, he has grand plans of eventually running the town of Riddleport, and this may be his way in.

The two wait for their sailing companions to seperate on the ship. The woman is at the stern of the ship while the Mage is down under deck. Lem casts a ranger spell creating a noise at the rutter area of the ship. The woman seems to ignore it, but it’s just enough time for Jip to slit her throat and get her knocked overboard. They open the deck hatch and yell to the mage downstairs “Man overboard!!!” He runs to the ladder and before he can make it up, Jip blasts him with his crossbow, and Jip finishes him off with a stab to the chest. The two halflings search the boat, and the mage and find the gold along with some other magical items below the deck. They get the boat on a heading back to Riddleport.

Once back in Riddleport, the halflings leave their cargo on the ship, and head back to the Golden Goblin and request and audience with Sol. Jip tells Sol that the two have taken out the thieves, and recovered the tournament gold, and will return it for a reward of 500 Silver and jobs at the Golden Goblin. Sol finding this story unbelievable and too good to be true, regardless sends down to bouncers to recover the loot from the halflings ship. Once returned to the casino, and counted, Sol seems to be amazed by the resiliancy of our two halfling heroes, and decideds to give them 1000GP and offer them Jobs.

The Jobs consist of an ownership stake in the Golden Goblin. As long as they help make money for the Casino, they will get a cut at the end of the week, and 10GP a day. The two halflings are overjoyed by their new positions, and make it their goal to start helping the Golden Goblin establish itself as the place to be in the town of Riddleport.


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